Association Name and Center

Article 1- Association’s Name is: “Her Şey Bir Gülücük İçin Derneği. (Anything For A Smile Association)

Association’s  center is in Adana.        

The Association can open branches both in Turkey and abroad

These are our Association’s logos:


Logo Explanation: The two people with helping hands create a smile. The light and dark blues make a positive and happy contrast.

The other logo is the logo of our Deaf Center. The two hands form the sign “super” in Turkish sign language. The sound waves represent that Sign Language is the natural language of the deaf. The face on the logo represents the Deaf. The colors were again chosen to make a positive and happy contrast.

The mission of Anything ForA Smile Association is:

Article 2- Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all members of the community, especially those who are disadvantaged. We invest in the lives of youth today to build the leaders of tomorrow by providing knowledge and character-building education and guidance to help strengthen them, their families and their communities.

Anything For A Smile Association strives to respond to all people in need regardless of race, religion, national origin or social position. We cooperate with people and both private and government organizations in our efforts to bring relief and hope to those in need. We welcome the cooperation and assistance from like-minded individuals, businesses and organizations in helping the poor and disadvantaged.

The world's most precious, yet vulnerable, resource is its children. What children become, and the future society they create, largely depends on what children learn in the present. Children flourish when nurtured in a peaceful, stable environment, with loving, caring parents and communities who teach them positive values. Thus we strive to provide the conditions, training and resources needed to help children grow mentally, physically and spiritually in those values that assure a fruitful and happy life.

To fulfill these objectives, Anything For A Smile Association will administer the following programs.

Educational Programs: Educational Seminars and workshops; Computer Laboratories and distribution of computers; Production of educational audio/visual materials; English courses for government and private centers for the disadvantaged

Community Services: Working with orphanages and centers or the handicapped; Benefit musical programs in schools, hospitals and other institutions;

Youth Volunteer Programs; Assistance with educational and material goods for the disadvantaged; Work with existing government and private bodies to strengthen Turkish social and educational structures.

Aid Program: Seeking aid in form of cash or gifts in kind from the local Turkish community and from abroad in order to assist the disadvantaged in Turkey.


The activities and manner of operating of the Association

  1. To found, set up, manage, maintain, own, administer, run and to grant aid in cash and or kind to schools, colleges, universities, vocational institutes, training institutes, laboratories, centers of learning and research, libraries and other institutions of all sorts for education, adult literacy, advanced studies and research in Turkey and also generally for the development and/or advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge amongst the public in general.
  2. To establish, maintain, run and/or grant aid in cash and/or kind to hospitals, nursing institutions, charitable and/or traveling dispensaries, clinics, maternity homes, child welfare centers, orphanages, widows’ homes, institutions for women and to provide medical relief, the establishment of clinics and procurement of medical equipment and the advancement of any other charitable objects of general public usefulness.
  3. To grant aid, to promote, establish, support and/or maintain institutions for the promotion of the Sciences, Literature, Music, Drama and Arts and other institutions having similar objects for the benefit of the public in general
  4. To establish, maintain, run, manage and administer aid programs providing relief and help to the needy, the poor and the destitute.
  5. To grant relief for and during calamities, whether natural or man made (including but not limited to famine, earthquake, flood and pestilence) and to give donations, subscriptions or contributions to institutions, establishments or persons doing such relief work.
  6. To provide assistance, make donations to and/or grant aid to other associations, charitable trusts or other institutions or persons carrying on charitable or other beneficial work
  7. To sponsor, arrange for and organize the holding of lectures, conferences, seminars or classes for the achieving of or in relation to any of the objects of the Association.
  8. To arrange for the writing, printing, publishing, circulation and translation of books, periodicals, magazines, research and other papers, brochures and pamphlets.
  9. To initiate and support programs and seminars for early recognition and development of talent among children.
  10. To raise and establish funds by contributions and by receiving gifts, grants, donations, benefactions and by any other means from any person, institution, association, company, society or body corporate.
  11. To raise and borrow any moneys and funds required for the purposes of the Association in local or in any foreign currency from any person or persons, corporations, companies, banks, financiers and other entities and also to raise funds by receiving advances of any sum of money upon such terms as the Directors may deem expedient.
  12. To promote and organize activities, concerts, fundraisers for the achievement of the above objectives and to assist other institutions and bodies engaged in the furtherance of the same.
  13. To enter into agreements, contracts and other arrangements with Governments, semi-Government and private organizations, institutions, companies, bodies and individuals for the purpose of carrying out the functions and activities of the Association.
  14. To purchase, take on lease, and maintain buildings, houses or other structures of every kind as may be necessary for the Association’s business and to work, improve, manage, administer, develop, turn to account, gift away, sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise dispose of or deal with all or any of the funds, properties and assets of the Association.
  15. To receive any property under the terms of any will, deed of trust, and to receive, take title, hold and use the proceeds and income of stocks, bonds, obligations, or other securities of any companies or corporations, domestic or foreign, for the purposes of the Association.
  16. To receive funds from other Companies, societies, charitable organizations, governments, local bodies and persons, whether corporate or otherwise, national or international, and under such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon between the Association and the donor.
  17. To apply and to obtain assistance (financial, technical or of any other type) from the Government and from semi-Government, private and other organizations, companies, firms or individuals, national or international, for developing or pursuing or facilitating all or any of the objectives of the Association.
  18. To pay out of the Association all expenses, costs and charges which the Association may lawfully pay with respect to the promotion, formation, registration, and establishment of the Association and to pay for any properties, rights or privileges acquired by the Association, whether in cash or otherwise.
  19. To buy, sell and or/import commodities, substances, apparatus, articles and things of all kinds capable of being used or which can conveniently be dealt in by the Association in connection with any of its objectives.
  20. To provide and accept donations/aids etc. locally as well as from abroad on account of any disaster carry on a system of national and international in time of peace and apply the same in mitigating the sufferings caused by pestilence, famine, fire, floods, and other great national calamities, and to devise and carry on measures for preventing the same." The Charter is not only a grant of power, but also an imposition of duties and obligations to the nation, to disaster victims, and to the people who generously support its work with their donations.  Disaster relief focuses on meeting people's immediate emergency disaster-caused needs. When a disaster threatens or strikes, the organization will provide shelter, food, and health and mental health services to address basic human needs. In addition to these services, the core of organization disaster relief is the assistance given to individuals and families affected by disaster to enable them to resume their normal daily activities independently. The organization shall also feed emergency workers, handles inquiries from concerned family members outside the disaster area, provides blood and blood products to disaster victims, and helps those affected by disaster to access other available resources
  21. To buy, sell, distribute Books, video cassettes, audio cassettes, CDs, VCD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s and other forms of mass media to learn and promote awareness of the education and the needs of local communities in relation to health education, practical skills and crafts, and literacy among remote villages and communities within the country and even abroad.
  22. To promote volunteerism amongst the populace by providing training for volunteers both from Turkey and abroad to assist in social and educational programs.
  23. The income of the Association shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Association as set forth in the Memorandum of Association.
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